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The quest to achieve work-life balance seems like an elusive ideal. Like perfection itself, it is something we are supposed to strive for, but rarely achieve.

When businesses in all sectors strive to connect with their target market and elevate their brand, they wisely build strategic partnerships with modern marketing agencies.

Forward-thinking executive Lindsay Guion brings his unwavering focus and confidence to his new position as Managing Partner at Music Industry Quarterly magazine also known as MIQ.

Prominent personal manager and record producer, Lindsay Guion remembers legendary director John Singleton who passed away Monday night in Los Angeles at the age of 51.

One of the remarkable characteristics of groundbreaking technologies is that within a few years of their arrival, they become a fixture on the mainstream landscape — and people forget…

The term “revolutionized” is thrown around loosely these days: trends in every industry are triggering a marketing hype parade.

Most individuals are aware that music, just like poetry and visual arts, has been utilized by artists throughout human history to advocate for social change, educate the public on important social issues and communicate the pain and jubilation of the fight for these types of changes.

Are you an independent artist looking to connect with new music fans? The musical landscape is saturated with singles and playlists, so some artists may consider releasing an EP as opposed to a full album.

Are you a filmmaker just starting out on your first project? Whether you are creating a short indie film or applying to film school; the elements to creating a memorable short film are the same.

Music is the language of the soul. It allows people to cross cultures, boundaries, miles, and overcome illness.